My life was always my own. I just had totake control

Picture of me, half flexing my arm

My lifeWho am I?

Silje Selina came into this work in 1991, in a small town in the middle of Norway. And this is where I have lived ever since. I am extremely introverted and therefore spend most of the time by myself ‒ though I sometimes feel a bit lonely. My time is spent on my job as a web designer ‒ and my interests strength training and gaming.

On this section of the webpage you can find all the general stuff about my life and everyday life. Like travels, fun moments with my pets and other happenings outside of health, gaming and viking events.

Years old
Fur babies

Life happensLatest experiences

Vira's tail was bitten

October update

Vira after getting home

Goodbye, Germany. Hello, Norway

Selfies with boyfriend. See Vira’s reaction to coming back home to the apartment. Vira also tries to make life a bit more exciting when she...
Vira lying next to me

July update

Fenir in the woods

May and June update

Haven’t been feeling well These two months have been extra hard. And not just because of corona. I’ve had a lot of problems with my...
Me and Fenrir on a hike

March – April update

I’m gonna be really honest right now: It feels like I’m losing my mind. The last few months have bee far from easy, and I...
Skiing with Fenrir

January – February Update

I started january with getting sick. It was some kind of a cold, and I was completely drained of enegry. I was convinced I had...